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Taxation of Restricted Stock Units

RSU compensation is taxed as ordinary income when the shares vest and based on your shares’ value on the vesting date.

Unlike stock options, which can go “underwater” and lose all practical value with a falling stock price, RSUs are almost always worth something, even if the stock price drops dramatically.

That income is subject to mandatory supplemental wage withholding. Withholding taxes, which for U.S. employees appear on Form W-2 along with the income, include the federal income tax, social security, state and local taxes.

When you later sell the shares, you will pay capital gains tax on any appreciation over the market price of the shares on the vesting date.

RSU Tax calculator

Calculating taxes from RSUs has never been easier. We’ve built a basic RSU tax calculator to help you estimate your tax bill and make a plan

Section 83(b)

Shareholders of restricted stock are allowed to report the fair market value of their shares as ordinary income on the date that they are granted, instead of when they become vested if they so desire. The capital gains treatment still applies, but it begins at the time of grant.

RSUs vs. options

RSUs are generally easier to value than options in that the value when issued is equal to the common stock valuation and typically vest only when certain conditions are met. Unlike options, RSUs do not need to be exercised: they are converted to common shares and taxed at the time of vesting.

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